Waste to Energy

Tatva’s Waste to Energy Projects
Biomethanation plant at Ankleshwar

Operated by Tatva this special plant treats 5 MT of kitchen waste a day and through a process known as biomethanation generates bio-gas in quantities of 200 m3/day. This is used to fuel the plant’s incinerator. The sludge produced as a by product is used as manure.

Renewable Energy Project in Mumbai

Tatva, in collaboration with a leading Spanish waste management Company, has been engaged to execute a waste management facility using biomethanation technology at a central suburb in Mumbai. It is a BOOT project for a period of 25 years. The existing dumpsite receives high quantities of organic waste from local markets (vegetable and Fisheries waste), hotels and restaurants, to the tune of 500 TPD, which is then to be processed through biomethanation for generating power.

Other Subsidiary Projects

Tatva has signed a licensing agreement with a Japanese waste management major, for gasification technology for treating MSW and biomedical waste and subsequently generating power.


Solid waste can broadly be classified into two categories.

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