About Tatva

Tatva is one of India's largest and most diversified provider of waste management services, committed to the growing challenge of protecting the environment. Tatva provides environmental management solutions for cities, townships, municipalities, industrial estates, commercial, industrial and residential customers across the country

tatva nature in he element

tatva nature in he element

tatva nature in he element

Deploying cutting-edge technology to meet today’s ever increasing environmental concerns, Tatva’s range of services includes collection, treatment, recycling & disposal of regular and hazardous solid waste; handling, recycling & disposal of waste water; sewage treatment; planning & management of water supply to homes & industries as well as the production of valuable energy from waste.

Tatva’s major operations are conducted by a number of subsidiary companies spread across India. The various projects and initiatives pursued by Tatva and its group companies have helped to reduce environmental pollution in many parts of the country considerably.

Managed by a group of highly qualified business professionals and technocrats, Tatva is a pioneer in the Indian waste management space with many ‘firsts’ to its credit and aims to be a leading global environmental services Company in the years to come.

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Group Companies

Learn more about Tatva's subsidiary companies that handle a variety of operations & oversee several key projects.


Our story unfolds in laurels like the Gujrat Gas Safety Awards & recognition by Baroda Productivity Council.