Research Studies

Over the past year, Tatva has engaged in a number of research studies to help produce technological breakthroughs in various aspects of waste management. Given below is an overview of some of the studies undertaken by Tatva.


E-waste Study
An e-waste study was conducted for the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) to quantify the total e-waste generation in the state.


Strengthening of Goa State Pollution Control Bureau
A study was carried out for the Goa State Pollution Control Bureau to put forward improvement measures for the activities of the State Pollution Control Bureau.


Central Pollution Control Bureau Project on characterization of re-refined oil and to guide board on usage of residue and spent clay
The survey and sampling was carried in 10 states across India at various used re-refining of used oil units. The samples were then analyzed by the authorized lab and a material balance was prepared. Additionally Central Pollution Control Bureau was provided guidance on the utilization (usage) of residue and spent clay.


GNFC Treatability Study
A treatability study was carried out for the reduction of COD (Carbon Oxygen Demand) and suspended solids from GNFC’s Nitro-ETP effluent.


Deonar Leachate Study
A leachate study of the Deonar site was carried out at lab for COD (Carbon Oxygen Demand) removal


Reliance Hazira Treatability Study
A study on POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) effluent was carried out for the treatment and reuse of their effluent. A good reduction of COD (Carbon Oxygen Demand) was seen during the study at the lab.

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